Why injection moulding is best for your new chairs

3 November 2017
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Where do you normally get your chairs manufactured? If you work in a school, office, or conference facility you probably use a lot of chairs. If you happen to be designing a sports stadium you will undoubtedly spend a lot more time thinking about plastic seating. Have you considered using injection moulded parts for your chairs? Injection moulding has been around since the 1960s and is the most efficient method of production for many plastic products. Injection moulding is particularly well suited to creating large amounts of identical plastic products. The technique is commonly used to make everything from electronic components, personal hygiene products, white goods, and packaging materials. What injection moulding is perhaps best known for however, is chair manufacturing.

Here are some great reasons that injection moulding could be the right choice to make chairs for your business

Easy production process

To get started creating chairs for your business using injection moulding all you need is to choose your design and have the appropriate mould produced. Your injection moulding company will be able to help you with every stage of this process. They can guide you through everything from tool design and manufacture of the mould, through to final creation of the product.

Compatible design

If you want to design a chair then you must be sure that it fits in with your existing chair stock. Since your existing plastic chairs are almost certainly created through an injection moulding process it makes sense to use the same process to create your new chairs. You can design your new mould to match your existing chairs, or you can opt for a design that is similar but incorporates any changes or improvements you desire in your new chairs.

Quicker production time

The great advantage of the injection moulding process is that it is ideal for mass production. Once the mould has been created and the initial set up of the machinery completed the actual production takes very little time. As most of the time is taken to produce the mould the larger the batch of chairs you produce the cheaper each individual chair becomes.

Thinking beyond chairs

Once you realise how effective injection moulding is for chair production why not consider some of the other ways you could use this technology to create plastic tables, crates, pallets, bins and any other plastic items that you need produced on a large scale?