Why You Should Choose PET Plastic for Your Distribution Needs

19 May 2017
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If you're involved in the sale or distribution of liquid products it is crucial to focus more of your attention on recyclability. Australia does relatively well when it comes to recycling in general, although it does fall behind certain other European countries and industry leaders. Why should you be focusing more on the use of recycled bottles and how can you increase awareness within your organisation in general?

Going All Out

The decision should be made at the highest level within your organisation not to use new plastic for any purpose going forward. This will help considerably in the push to cut down on the amount of space used in various landfills around the country by discarded plastic bottles. Instead, you should focus on using products like PET plastics in 100% recycled bottles for a variety of different reasons. For example, these bottles are strong and not subject to chemical or biological degradation. They are resistant to microorganisms and will not react to the content placed within them. This type of plastic is known to be stable over its lifetime, as well as being relatively lightweight and therefore easy to transport.

The Bigger Picture

When a decision is made to use only 100% recycled bottles, your organisation goes a long way towards lowering its carbon footprint and help in the battle for sustainable living. However, you also need to consider other aspects related to the lifetime of the bottle itself. How do you design and create the branding and packaging that is used to identify and distribute your bottles? Do you only use renewable or reusable materials here? It's very important to ensure that your production and distribution pipeline is always based on sustainable and ethical components.

Looking Inside

Within your organisation, you can also do your part by assessing your use of PET plastic bottles internally. Where are these used, how often are they consumed and how are they discarded? Have you got an individual who you can nominate as a programme coordinator, to ensure that you have a proactive recycling program on site?

It may also be a good idea to introduce an educational programme to teach everybody in your business how to locate and identify relevant recycling codes. Remember also to install and prioritise the location of recycling bins and most importantly, ensure that your own waste service provider has recycling policies that fit in with your objectives.

Doing Your Part

You can never put too much effort into being eco-friendly. It's vitally important that you choose the right type of packaging, as well as a product provider that champions the cause.