Don't Overlook These Simple Tips When Buying Trophies Online

4 November 2015
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Buying trophies can be a good way of congratulating a sports team, your coworkers and staff, or anyone you know who has achieved something worth recognizing. You can get a variety of trophies online and may find that you have more options to choose from than you realize. Before you shop, be sure you note the following tips. You'll want to know you get the right trophy for the occasion and know what to expect when you shop for them over the internet versus in person.

1. Go for something unique

Trophies usually have a base on which there is an engraving, then there is a body of the trophy and a figurine on top. While this is a standard trophy, it's not your only option. Consider choosing something unique instead. Opt for a trophy in the shape of a dollar sign for your staff, or a sneaker for that sports achievement. Choose a cup rather than a statuette, and have it made in an unusual color such as pink or copper or a shade of blue or green. 

You might also choose a figurine that reflects your business, such as a donut or hot dog if you run a donut shop or hot dog restaurant. You can even have trophies stamped into a word rather than a body and figurine; this might be "Congratulations!" or even the person's name. Whatever your choices, make them something unique so the trophy will be very personal to the recipient.

2. Check type styles online

When you shop online for your trophy, you'll need to choose your type style or font online as well. Always look for samples of how this will look on a trophy, as you may be surprised at how difficult it is to read a fancier, scrolling font, especially if you use it to spell out someone's name or any longer phrase. A simple font in a square design may look plain, but it may be easier to read and may make the trophy look better overall.

3. Opt for recyclable material

You may assume that someone will hold onto your trophy forever, but they do get outdated after some time passes. If someone wants to get rid of them, molded plastic can be difficult to recycle. Consider a thin metal that can easily be cut down, melted, or otherwise recycled once the recipient decides to get rid of the trophy so that it doesn't just wind up in a landfill. This is the most eco-friendly choice for a trophy.