Toy Haulers – What should you know?

19 September 2018
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Australia's temperate climate makes it suitable for recreational activities for most months of the year. And if you love the outdoors, chances are you own an ATV, a kayak, a motorcycle and so on so that you can make the most of Aussie's great outdoors! However, if you are looking to go out of town, you may be wondering if it is possible to lug your recreational equipment with you. While mounting some of these types of equipment on your vehicle may seem viable, it is not an entirely safe option. Read More 

Two ways to prevent accidents and injuries when using powder coatings in a manufacturing facility

19 March 2018
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It is important for manufacturers who use powder coatings in their facilities to take steps to prevent them from causing accidents and injuries. Here are two such steps. Make sure the dust does not come into contact with sources of ignition The dust that is flung into the air during the powder coating process can explode if it comes into contact with a source of ignition. A dust explosion in a manufacturing facility could have disastrous consequences. Read More