Four Central Tips for Reducing Your Bronze Casting Costs

12 March 2019
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If you are interested in taking up a bronze casting project, there are numerous concerns that you must address. One of these critical issues is the cost of the work. In general, the costs of bronze casting can be relatively high due to the materials and process. If you are not well prepared, the costs could be higher than expected. In addition, you might compromise your financial returns. Here are simple tips to help you reduce your total costs during the bronze casting project.

Choose Alloys Carefully

There are different types of bronze materials on the market to consider for your casting work. Therefore, you should compare the different options and choose the most suitable for your needs. At the same time, you can compare the price of the alloys and look for an affordable choice. In general, the performance and cost of different bronzes will depend on their exact composition. Simply speaking, the alloying element added to copper will determine the final properties. So, look for bronzes with alloying elements that enhance the performance of the material while keeping the costs low.

Consider Sand Casting

You should think about choosing the sand casting technique for your project if you would like to minimise your expenses. In general, this bronze casting method involved utilising sand as the moulding material. This process offers exceptional design flexibility and allows for the creation of complex shapes. In addition, there are significant cost-cutting benefits. For instance, the process uses low-cost tooling, minimising the equipment expenses. In addition, the technique will accelerate bronze casting and allow for the reduction of production costs.

Opt for High Volume Casting

You should consider high-volume casting if your project allows for this option. In general, if you are able to cast multiple product pieces at the same time, you can lower your production costs significantly. Simply speaking, when more cast pieces are made at once in a single turn, the marginal expenses will be quite small. However, you should note that the specifics will depend on your chosen fabrication company or foundry. Therefore, you should discuss the possibility of discounts, depending on the volume before signing the contract.

Think about DIY Casting

Finally, if you are thinking about handling a small-scale casting project, you should think about DIY bronze casting. This option is ideal if you have an interest in custom metalworking. For instance, numerous hobbyists conduct these types of projects through sand casting techniques. If you have a furnace and a general knowledge of casting, you might manufacture good products.

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