Toy Haulers – What should you know?

19 September 2018
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Australia's temperate climate makes it suitable for recreational activities for most months of the year. And if you love the outdoors, chances are you own an ATV, a kayak, a motorcycle and so on so that you can make the most of Aussie's great outdoors! However, if you are looking to go out of town, you may be wondering if it is possible to lug your recreational equipment with you. While mounting some of these types of equipment on your vehicle may seem viable, it is not an entirely safe option. A better-suited solution for your needs will be investing in a toy hauler. This article highlights all you need to know about toy haulers.

What is a toy hauler?

If you have never come across a toy hauler before, you may be thinking that it is merely a platform that is attached to the back of your vehicle and facilitates the transportation of recreational equipment. In truth, while it is connected to your car, a toy hauler looks more like an RV. Toy haulers come in a wide selection of sizes, so whether you have one recreational toy or want to carry multiple toys at a go, you can be guaranteed of finding a toy hauler that will match your needs.

Another notable feature of toy haulers is that they can be spacious enough to be utilised as a living space. Thus, besides having a makeshift garage space for your equipment, you can also have a seating area, a kitchen and even beds if need be! Outdoor enthusiasts with a flexible budget will find the larger models an appealing solution since you can practically live in the toy hauler when out on your adventures, eliminating the obligation of carrying camping equipment with you when travelling.

Lastly, toy haulers are typically fitted with a ramp at the back of the vehicle. This ramp makes it much easier for you to load your equipment into the trailer with ease.

Who will benefit from having a toy hauler?

As aforementioned, toy haulers are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. However, these are not the only groups of people who will find this RV useful. If you are a motorsports enthusiast and want to take part in local meets, a toy hauler will be perfect for transporting your vehicle. On the other hand, you do not have to own recreational equipment to make the most of toy haulers. Individuals that love to hold tailgate parties with friends and family will find that a toy hauler can carry barbeque equipment and other props to celebrate with their loved ones.

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