Important Considerations to Make When Choosing Precision Machining Services

17 November 2016
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The technology and quality of a machining center play a significant role in determining the quality of manufactured components. Evolution of technology in the manufacturing industry has brought about the introduction of precision machining that delivers quality workpieces while holding close tolerance finishes. The application of this technology varies from one manufacturer to another; therefore, before settling for one, it is essential to make several considerations. Here you will learn some of the key things that you should assess when choosing a precision machining company for your projects.

Technology used in machining There is a myriad of technological solutions in precision machining, all of which vary regarding costs and the quality of workpieces produced. Before choosing a particular company, you should be clear on the following issues as pertains to your project:

  • The expected quality of the components
  • The geometry and dimensions of the parts to be machined
  • Tools required for the project, for example, milling tools, drills, and cutting tools
  • The expected capabilities of the components

With a clear view of your expectations, you can easily choose a company with the right technology for your needs. You can also be able to choose the ideal machining technique that will deliver the expected quality within the estimated production deadline.

Versatility in production If you deal with different clients with varying projects, you need a service provider whose technology offers versatility in production. For instance, when using CNC machining, they should have the latest lathes that allow production of various types of materials in different sizes. Also, the machinery used should be able to adopt the technical specifications of the parts to be machined.  The manufacturer should also be able to handle small runs and large projects while keeping the cost of production low. This flexibility and versatility in production can result in significant time and cost savings.

High precision Precision machining is a technology that's relied upon due to its ability to produce high precision parts. However, this can only be achieved if the manufacturer utilizes the latest software and equipment. As such, make sure that the CAD-CAM software systems used in manufacturing are up to date. This way, once you present your design and parts specifications, the software can be able to translate the simulated design with precision to deliver seamless parts that meet these specifications.

Quality control systems Hiccups and faults are common in the manufacturing industry, and they can cause downtime or compromise the quality of the product if there are no suitable measures in place. Assess the manufacturer's quality control steps to ensure that any faults won't compromise the quality of your parts in the system. Also, they should be ready to handle any unforeseen circumstances such as power outage which can delay production.

Have factors in mind before choosing a precision machining company so that you can achieve quality parts, high production speed, and cost savings.