The Surprising Uses for Perspex Sheets

15 December 2015
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Perspex sheets are made from a material called acrylic plastic and have hundreds of practical uses today. Known for their versatility and durability, acrylic sheets (or Plexiglass) are in a surprising number of things and also come in a variety of colors, widths, and patterns. Read on to find the list of products you might never have realized used Perspex sheets.

Smart Phones

Although people often credit those screens on their smart phones as real glass, many manufacturers often use a type of durable acrylic plastic for their phone screens. Yes, it does sometimes break when dropped hard, but in comparison to actual glass, Perspex is incredibly durable and scratch resistant

Car Windows

This is another common use for acrylic plastic, yet many people still assume their windows are glass. Interestingly enough, a mirrored finish can also be applied to allow Perspex to be used on rear- and side-view mirrors. The versatility of the material allows the product to be strengthened in multiple ways, so, for instance, a rock hitting the side of your car window won't shatter it.

Green House Paneling

Plexiglass, or Perspex, is a wonderful alternative to using glass paneling on a green house. Its transparency will let an equal amount of light in, but at the same time its sturdiness will allow it to resist the effects of strong winds, rain, or hail. If you think about it, a green house made of actual glass could have quite a few maintenance issues down the road that make acrylic glass seem the obvious choice.

Fake Nails

Nails salons commonly use acrylic plastic as the base material for fake nails. The properties of Perspex that make it long lasting and paintable make it the perfect choice for fingertips. It can also be more cost effective than alternative materials for fake nails and can increase salon profits.


Similar to green houses, aquariums benefit from the use of Perspex sheets as the sidewalls of the tanks. This generally means that even a hard blow won't damage the exterior of the tank or cause a crack in the plexiglass.

When you think about the possibilities for Perspex sheets, they really are endless. They can be found in so many common products today, and you probably didn't even know they were there. Perspex sheets, found in paints and eyewear and used as a glass substitute, should be added to the list of versatile materials you are familiar with.