Making Some Money From Scrapping A Vehicle

14 September 2015
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When a vehicle comes to the end of its working life, many people will simply take it to a scrap yard like Pabani Metals and sell it as one complete piece. This allows the scrap yard to then break down the vehicle and sell the individual parts and components; they can make a fair bit of money doing this. However, if you have the time and inclination, you too can break down a vehicle and sell it for scrap. You can make a surprising amount of money this way. This article looks at the process of breaking down a vehicle and selling it as scrap.

Remove The Battery And Tires

The first thing to do is to remove the vehicle's battery. If it is not completely flat, you can sell it to a friend or neighbor; you could even try to sell it online via an auction site. Batteries are one of the most common items that need to be replaced; you should have no trouble selling it. Next, remove the tires. These too can be sold on to friends or neighbors, assuming that they match their vehicle. Scrap merchants will accept the tires, but may not give you a good price for them. You could try selling them to a tire dealership for them to recycle; you may be able to get a little extra from them.


The wiring of a vehicle is usually made from copper. Copper is one of the best materials to sell to a scrap yard. The price for selling copper is usually very good. Take the time to strip out all of the vehicle's wiring. Sell the collected copper wiring separately to a scrap dealer.

Fuel Tank

Most scrap yards will deduct some of the money off the value of a scrap vehicle if the fuel tank and/or fuel  are included. This is because they then have to follow certain procedures to dispose of the fuel, which costs them money. A far better idea is to purchase a fuel tank drainer (from a DIY store) and drain the fuel yourself. You can then save money by using the fuel with your other vehicle or sell it on to a friend or neighbor.

The Trunk And Doors

The real money comes from the scrap metal in the vehicle. Remove the doors, and keep them together. Many minor collisions and bumps result in people looking to replace their doors or their trunk. If they are in good condition, you may be able to fetch a good price for them by advertising in the local paper or selling them online. You can then strip off parts including the wiper blades, steering wheel and radio. These can be advertised and sold separately. When you are down to the body of the vehicle, sell this as one piece to the scrap yard.

Many scrap yards will offer to come to your property and take the stripped vehicle away. They will also pay you for the scrap metal.